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The Berkeys HVAC furnace repair team wants you to now that there are ways to reduce your heating bills this winter.  Stop paying too much for heating your Plano home.

Their air conditioning repair team can upgrade your furnace or help you switch to a heat pump or dual fuel system. You can heat your home and lower your energy bills at the same time.

Plano’s Most Popular Furnace Brands

There are a lot of different brands of furnaces installed in the Plano area. We work on them all, should you need a furnace repair service.

  1. Trane
  2. Carrier
  3. American Standard
  4. Lennox
  5. Payne
  6. Aire Flo
  7. Goodman
  8. Amana
  9. Rheem
  10. Armstrong

What Does the AFUE Rating on a Plano Furnace Mean?

Think of AFUE as a relative measure of the efficiency of a furnace in Plano, TX. Just ask the question, “For every dollar I spend in utilities, how much heat do I get?” There are furnaces that return 80 cents of every dollar spent as heat and some that go into the high nineties.

Look for the Energy Star rating as well as the AFUE rating. Many of these Plano furnaces qualify for local rebates on utility bills and from cities. There is even a sales tax free holiday for furnaces, heat pump and air conditioners. Taking advantage of these along with the Federal Energy Savings Tax Credit will save you up to $2000 on the installation of an upgraded heating and air system in Plano, TX.

Your Next Furnace Should be a Heat Pump

If you look around, you’ll notice that your neighbors are upgrading their Plano furnace and air conditioner to a heat pump. The reason is that they are more energy efficient than a natural gas furnace at heating your Plano home or office most of the winter. Only on the few days that temperatures drop below 25 degrees F, do then have a problem. That is why you may want to install a furnace for back up heating. This is called a dual fuel system,